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Bookhammer Insurance Agency

Bookhammer Insurance Agency
Barbara  Bookhammer
Barbara Bookhammer
Agent/Owner, President

Office: Main Office
Phone: (310) 379-3700
Fax: (310) 379-3773

Barbara is one of the principals/owners of the agency.  She has worked in the insurance field for over 35 years, but insists she still doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up.

Little did she know when she started working part-time in the family owned business (after school, during summer breaks and inbetween college semesters), insurance would end up being her choosen profession.  Let's face it, most young women imagine themselves in more exciting and glamorous careers, but with her Father as her mentor, Barbara found she really liked working with people and even enjoyed the ever changing challenges the independent agency is faced with.

One-by-one she worked her way up through all the various positions within the agency while finishing her education, getting married, and raising 4 daughters.  Before she knew it, she was so attached to her co-workers and clients, she couldn't imagine herself doing anything else and thus, began preparations in the 70's (along with her husband Chuck) to purchase the agency from her father (Robert Alderman, Sr.) and never looked back.



"I've been a Bookhammer Insurance client for many years, partly because they have such compeitive rates, but also because when I have a question or need assistance of some kind, it's easy to reach a "live" human being. On the few occassions I've had to leave a voice message for someone, I typically receive a call back within the hour."
Tracy Rose - Redondo Beach
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