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Bookhammer Insurance Agency

Bookhammer Insurance Agency

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  XXX Agency Staff 

Our agency is a family owned business, originally established in 1945 when agents still made housecalls and a typical fire application was literally on a 4 x 8" piece of paper.  Those were the good old days!

Like everything else, the insurance industry has changed over the years.  As you know, applications for insurance today are a lot more complicated. They're l-o-n-g-e-r and very detail oriented, sometimes falling just short of asking what flavor of tooth paste you use, yet, after all is said and done, insurance is something we'll all need sometime in our lives in one capacity or another.  Insurance has become a necessity of life. Is it costly and a nusance at times, but it can also be a blessing, helping you put the pieces back together in the event of a loss.  In spite of all the negatives, in my opinion, insurance is a good thing or I wouldn't have spent the greater part of my life selling it.

Family wise we're in our "3rd generation" now, still going strong despite the very competiveness of our business. That's not to say our agency hasn't gone through some changes along the way, as any company would that has been in business for 67 years plus, however, some things never change... 

Although we're not perfect by any means, our agency, above all else, still puts a big emphasis on the service we provide our clients.  We pride ouselves in personal, old fashion service.  Our philosophy is simple, "treat others how we would like to be treated" if we were sitting on the other side of the desk or on the other end of the phone. 

Today we know clients can choose from literally thousands of agencies to do business with, but we think what makes us stand apart is our enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and service. We hope you'll give us a chance to earn not only your business, but your loyalty.


 Barbara Bookhammer

"My experience with Bookhammer Insurance since September, 2011 has been excellent! I was previously insured with Allstate for over 10 years and was paying an outrageous amount in car insurance. I've been so pleased with my experience, I referred my fiance and my daughter to Bookhammer Insurance and I will continue to recommend Bookhammer to other friends and family. I have saved money and have experienced great customer service, who could ask for more?"
Michelle Mullen - West Covina
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